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Toshiba DVD Player Baby Einstein

Magellan Mapsend Streets and Destinations

Full Metal Jacket Baby Bach Magellan Mapsend Topo CD
Lion King Simba's Return Baby Mozart Magellan Meridian Canvas Case
Princess Bride Baby VanGogh Magellan Meridian Bike Mount
Code of Silence Baby Shakespeare Magellan Meridian Power cord
Anthology So Far Magellan Map 330X GPS w/CD Sandisk Secure Digital Memory Card
Magellan Platinum GPS Magellan Gold GPS  


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There have been many books and films about Las Vegas, but not all videos revolve around the city of lights (no, not Paris), some revolve around exotic locations such as Viet Nam or the Serenghetti. Here are some other movies to check out when Vegas is too much. Watch them all on a DVD player and you'll swear you're at a theater (with a really small screen)

Toshiba SD-1600 DVD-Video Player

Toshiba's SD-1600 DVD player is similar to a VCR except it plays DVD's that look like CD's (you know, the shiny things that replaced LP's). Closest thing to the movie experience at home, save for sticky floors and gum under your seat!


Magellan MAP 330x GPS with CD Rom,...

I became interested in GPS units after going on a 45 minute hike with 1 liter of water in the Valley of Fire in August. Four and a half hours later by sheer dumb luck (how'd this concrete get in the middle of the desert, must have been dumped from a road) I found a road that led to the parking lot where I left my car(and 2 more bottles of water). Anyone that has never wandered in the desert cannot appreciate how hot it gets, how lost you can get and much everything looks the same (cont. below)


Magellan Meridian Gold GPS

That is when I decided I needed one of these little beauties (that and my girlfriend forbidding me from anymore hiking until I get one - she knows my incredible sense of direction and gender genetic inability to ask for directions). It will show you where you started, you can mark where you've gone and figure out how to get back to where you came from. With map CD's you can drive places without having to ask for directions (cont. below)


Magellan Meridian Platinum GPS

This unit is the top of the line when it comes to GPS. Not only can you find your way out of the desert, but you'll know the barometric pressure and when the sunrise and sunset occurs (clue, sunrise - morning, getting light out, sunset - evening, getting dark out). It has heads up driving (I think you follow a fake road on the display) and a compass. This unit should be available soon. I'm waiting for this one, preorder yours today!


Magellan Mapsend Streets TOPO CD-Rom

Download detailed maps with topographically accurate information (you know, those squiggly lines on maps that show height of stuff). Complete with streets and destinations (POI for you GPS freaks). Use the maps for geocaching or planning a route that doesn't include walking over the Continetal Divide. Check the Magellan page for restrictions on the Topo version. www.magellangps.com


Magellan Mapsend Streets Gold CD-Rom

So what's the difference between Gold and Topo you may ask? Good question, Topo has topographical POI's (points of interest) like canyons, waterfalls, cliffs, glaciers, where Gold (Streets and Destinations for 330 and Meridian) has POI's like restaurants, parks, hotels, shopping centers and sightseeing. Topo for the outdoorsman and Gold for the tourist.


Magellan Meridian Durable Nylon Carrying Case

Protect your investment with this canvas carrying case. The Meridian series is lacking a hand cord or carrying strap. This case will keep your GPS at your side and out of the water (unless you aren't watching where you are going and fall in a stream).


Magellan Meridian PC Data Cable with Power cord

Like driving around with your GPS on and tracking your everymove? Hate replacing batteries? Use this adapter to power the Meridian series from your 12V power outlet (politically correct speak for a cigarette lighter). Not sure why you would need the PC Data cable with this, I can't see carrying my PC out to the car to download maps. I guess it could happen.


Magellan Meridian Bicycle Mounting Bracket

Ride like the wind and get lost as Gilligan on a 3 hour cruise (a thrrreee houuurr crruise)? Take your GPS with you on your next bike ride and see how fast you are biking and more importantly, where you were when you started and how to get back. Beats riding one handed and juggling a Platinum in your other hand!


SanDisk SDSDB-64R 64 MB Secure Digital memory card

Where are you going to put all those maps that you need to download? On a secure digital memory card of course.


Full Metal Jacket

"This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for killing, this is for fun" (or something like that). FMJ is at the top of the heap of Viet Nam Era movies along with Platoon, Deer Hunter and Hamburger Hill. FMJ is more like 2 movies, one about basic training, the other about active duty (with hazardous duty pay). A blood and guts realism film from that party in SE Asia.


The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Lion King part 2, are the sequels ever as good as the original? Kids love it and parents rent it.


The Princess Bride

Directed by the affeable, lovable, Meathead - Rob Reiner, spawn of Carl "Dick Van Dyke fame" Reiner this movie has swashbuckling pirates, stable boy (as in horses, not mentally so), giants, princess and swamp rats. What more could you want in a period comedy?


Code of Silence

Cops, the mob, a love interest and a car chase (or two) to rival the Blues Brothers or the French Connection coupled with Chuck Norris. Just a normal day in Chicago.


Anthology So Far

If Ringo isn't playing Vegas, he should be. Who knew he was the funny Beatle?


Baby Mozart

Your child can benefit from the Mozart effect (or you can benefit from your child occupied in front of the TV). Help them develop new friends named Amadeus and wear white powdered wigs. Okay, I don't have any idea about these baby tapes, click the picture and see what customers of Amazon say about the "Baby" series.


Baby Bach

Friend of Mozart? Introduce children to classical music pre-Beatles.



Baby Van Gogh

If your child is watching this and asks for a knife and an envelope perhaps they are taking this series a little too serious.



Baby Einstein

Get the gel, spike the kids hair and turn them loose with plutonium and see what happens. E=MC2.



Baby Shakespeare

I think this should have been called the Baby Bard. Maybe this helps when your child suffers from writers block.

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