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Is prostitution legal in Las Vegas?  
What is the BEST ...fill in the blank  
I (my spouse, S.O., G.F, B.F.) don't gamble much , what ELSE can (pick one) do in Las Vegas besides gamble?  
If I am staying at "Such and Such" Hotel can I use the pool at the "Whosiwhatsit" Hotel?  

What are the cards that I see people putting in the slot machines?

  How/where do I get a slot card?  
What are slot cards good for,/ Or I play table games so do I really need one?  
How can I get from casino to casino if I don't have a car?  
What's with all those people pushing smut at me?  
How do I get free drinks? free smokes? free rooms?  
What will the temperature be when I go to Las Vegas?  
Do the casinos pump Oxygen into the casino just to keep you from getting tired?  
I didn't see any clocks when I was in Las Vegas, are there any at all?  
What is a full pay video poker machine and why should I care?  
Are there any newsgroups where people discuss vacationing in Las Vegas?  
What is the blah blah blah hotel like?  
I tried to get tickets to a show and I was told that it was dark, what does that mean?  
Are there any books or movies about Las Vegas or gambling?  
  Frequent Questions Answers  
  No, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas or anywhere in Clark County. Is it available? You betcha it is. Call girls (the ads the smut peddlers are pushing on you) ply their trade in Vegas as well as enthusiastic freelancers at clubs, casinos, bars wherever (and you thought you were just being charming when that hot woman/man tried picking you up and wanted to be "extra" friendly!). There is also some amazing statistic about the high percentage of hookers that actually have diseases that will kill you. In the neighboring Nye County prostitution is legal (so far, anyway) at the brothels scattered around the county. In theory, these women are tested regularly and require condom use.  
  The best of anything is very subjective and what is best for some may not be best for others. Check out the links from the Hotel pages to the Hotel web sights, many have photos of their pools or info on their shows and buffets. The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas offers good, unbiased information about many of the casinos, hotels, buffets, shows, etc. Some of the most beautiful hotels in Vegas are the Venetian, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo, newer parts of Caesars, Mirage and the Golden Nugget. I like NYNY, Flamingo, Treasure Island and Paris as well. Other people may think the Boardwalk, the Strat and the Trop are the best places to stay. Cheapest isn't always the best, but some of the best occasionally have great rates. Research before you jump. Pools, buffets, casinos are all open to opinions. I think the Flamingo has a spectacular pool complex. The Hard Rock, Rio, Mandalay Bay and Venetian also have great pools. Bellagio has a wonderful buffet as well as the Rio, the Monte Carlo and Ballys. Check into the alt.vacations.las-vegas newsgroup and read all the opinions, some are not for the faint of heart. Again, the opinions expressed here may not reflect the opinion of the general public and objects are really closer than they appear.  
  Las Vegas is a tourist town. True, gambling is the primary draw, but not the only draw. When the Sightseeing page is complete, I'll refer you there. For now though, here are a couple of ideas. Hoover Dam - Liberace Museum -Imperial Palace Car museum - volcano, white tigers, huge aquarium at the Mirage -Pirate Battle at the Treasure Island -lions at MGM - Roller Coaster at NYNY, Sahara, Stratosphere - Shopping at Fashion Showplace Mall, Caesars Forum Shops - Drink microbrew at Holy Cow or Monte Carlo, see the flamingos at, you guessed it, the Flamingo (along with penguins and other animals) - Red Rock Canyon or the Valley of Fire, see a show. You get the idea, there is plenty to do other than gamble. See the books page for The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas - full of touristy stuff to do.  
  Generally speaking, NO. Some hotels are more stringent about not allowing non-guests to use their pool than others. For example, NYNY requires a room key to work the elevator to get to the pool. If you want to use a pool, stay at a hotel with a pool.  
  Those are referred to as slot cards though they can also be used for table play. The cards allow the casino to track how much you play at their casino. Cards are free and available at the Slot club counter, just ask any casino employee where it is and they will direct you to the correct place. The Station casinos allow online registration for their slot club. You can sign up online and have the cards by the time you are ready to leave (okay in a couple of weeks). The cards allow you to earn points toward foods credits (comps), cash back, reduced or free rooms all based on your level of play. One rule that you will hear over and over is DO NOT PLAY JUST TO GET COMPS, that $4.99 buffet could end up costing a lot more. Play because you enjoy playing and if you happen to accumulate enough play to warrant a free meal, its a bonus. Many casinos will put you on their mailing list and send you notices of specials events or lower room rates throughout the year.  
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