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The Sopranos - The Complete First Season - DVD The Sopranos - The Complete Second Season DVD
The Sopranos - The Complete First Season - VHS  
The Sopranos : A Family History  
The New York Times on The Sopranos  

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There have been many books and films about Las Vegas and the relationship with an organized group of profit making folks. Let's face it, Las Vegas wasn't exactly clear of its links to organized crime in its earlier days. Everyone has their favorite book or movie about the relationship of Las Vegas and the seedier side. While not exactly related to Las Vegas, the Sopranos are sure related in a familial sense if you get my drift. If you are interested in purchasing an item simply click on the item and you will view a page from Amazon.com. Enjoy your browsing!
  The Sopranos - The Complete First Season - DVD
cover No, this ain't no book about singing. If you don't know about the Sopranos by now, fuggettaboutit. The first season of this HBO presentation, emmy award winning show, is the perfect Christmas present for the devout Catholic for Chrissake. Even if you're not from Jersey, this show is a hit (and I don't mean that in a mobbed up way).
  The Sopranos - The Complete First Season -VHS-
cover VHS version of the above (you know, those tapes you put into the machine with the flashing 12:00)
  The Sopranos : A Family History -Book-
cover Who is Christopher and how is he related to Tony or is it Carmella? Why is Big Pussy hiding in Puerto Rico? How are Livia and Uncle Junior related and what did everyone do to get where they are today. The Family history (and I do mean Family) answers these questions and more. the perfect companion to the first season tape or DVD.
  The New York Times on The Sopranos - Book -


My mother used to say "if you can't say anything good about something then don't say anything at all". I didn't read this book but I did click through and read some of the reader reviews.



Casino - DVD Version

DiNiro is great in this film, but that's to be expected. What is a real suprise is how good Don Rickles is as a floor manager. Sharon Stone does a nice job as an addict and Joe Pesci is a pushy mobster wanna-e, similar in trait to the character he portrays in Goodfellas. The film is brutally honest and equally violent. A great look into the way you always heard it was "back in the day"

Casino - VHS Version


Goodfellas - DVD Version

Scorsese's Goodfellas rivals all other Mafia, LCN, whaddeva movies as the definitive look inside organized crime. Joe Pesci as the psycho mobster-want-to-be-made-man steals many scenes from the rest of the brilliant cast (DeNiro, Liotta, Bracco) on his way to an Oscar. The movie is funny (haha funny or funny like to amuse you funny), violent and completely riveting from beginning to end. Casino and Goodfellas would be a perfect pre-Vegas double feature.

Goodfellas - VHS Version


The Sopranos - The Complete Second Season DVD

Just when you thought you new everything (whaddya, some kinda wiseguy?) about the NJ "waste management business" along comes the second season of the HBO critically acclaimed series, The Sopranos. Full of more twists and turns than the Watchung reservation the second season will only leave you wanting more, lots more of the third season. The DVD version has episode synopsis and character information. (Who is Big Pussy, where did he come from and more importantly, where did he go?). Buy this DVD, ifr you know whats good for you. Click above for an Amazon offer too good to refuse - if you catch my drift.

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