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Red Rock Canyon          
Valley of Fire          

Red Rock Canyon - Just 20 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, this Nevada State Park is worth a look. See the natural beauty brought about by millions of years at the bottom of a body of water coupled with the erosion of wind. A variety of colors, shapes and types of rock formation along with many desert dwelling animals make this park an exciting adventure for people of all ages. Your involvement in the park can be as limited as driving in the car looking out the windows to hiking into the canyons. Either way, it will be a trip worth bringing a camera along.

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Red Rock Canyon (Official Site)



Valley of Fire - Is an easy 55 mile drive on I-15 North of Las Vegas, on the outskirts of Lake Mead. This is the largest and oldest of all the Nevada State Parks, having been established in 1935. The VOF got its name from the large number of Red sandstone formations found in the park. The road down into the park provides a spectacular view that just keeps getting better as you drive into the park. Plenty of short hikes and facilities for the casual visitor.

Valley of Fire State Park (Official Site)

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