Spamwhich Prevention Panel

Ok - here is the scoop. I get about 900 e-mails a week, 99.999% of which want me to enlarge my penis, find a "date" or buy some cheap piece of crap. Robots find the contact informations and start spamming the living daylights out of every e-mail addy that they find. MOST of the e-mail comes from Korea (dunno why, just is). For now I have removed the e-mail address listed below and will have to come up with a different way of having folks that are truly interested in Vegas contact me. Don't click on the address below, it won't go anywhere, but I'm sure it will screw with the robots. Check back soon and I will spell out an address that you can use (ie Webgeek(use the "at" sign here) or something, you get the idea.